Predictive Maintenance (IoT)

Predictive Maintenance (IoT)

Predictive Maintenance IoT

Detect problems in advance, decrease downtime and improve your bottom line with our predictive maintenance solution powered by the IoT, mobile, cloud and big data. We can help you from predictive maintenance strategy to execution and support.

With advances in technology, predictive maintenance is neither science fiction nor rocket science. It requires nothing more than sensors to measure things such as speed, movement/oscillation, temperature, humidity, and more. We can read these measurements through Raspberry Pi software and connect with frontend applications that provide you with actionable insights. These sensors cost around $50 per unit and Raspberry Pi is an open source program. For $50,000 or less, you can run a predictive maintenance program and create millions of dollars in new business and productivity.

For example, we helped a manufacturer of heavy machinery develop a mobile application for customers designed to allow users to see which parts are nearing their end of life. With this information, users can schedule an appointment with the service technician and order the correct parts long before the manufacturer’s technician arrives to service the equipment.


Business Benefits:

  • Reduced downtime and improved productivity
  • Order parts accurately and conveniently from a mobile app
  • No need to write down part numbers, manufacturer details or look them up
  • Streamlined procurement
  • New channels of revenue on service and parts for manufacturers
  • Improved customer satisfaction, experience and loyalty
  • No need to maintain separate records about machines, parts and service history for simplified operations on the customer end

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