Mobile Put Away/PO Inspection For Oracle EBS & Fusion Cloud

“Locate Material Quickly And Logically And Improve Warehouse Efficiency”

Manually determining putaway storage bin in Oracle EBS during transfer order process leads to inefficiencies. And accessing Oracle EBS is not convenient in the warehouse. Without a put away strategy, material is difficult to locate and costs extra time and money to move and ship. Quality Inspectors, Material handlers and Warehouse Personnel can overcome these challenges with Propel Apps Oracle Mobile PO Inspection app.

Technology Features

  • Allows Quality Inspector to perform “Accept” (or) “Reject” transactions after inspecting PO’s.
  •  System Determines appropriate storage bin to store the material.
  •  With simplified UX, update Oracle EBS in real time.
  •  Work in both online and offline mode.
  •  Cross platform compatibility: Tablets, Mobile Phones across iOS, Android and Windows
  •  Solution supports Fixed Bin Storage

Solution Environment

  • OracleEBS INV, Oracle SOA
  • Phone, Tablet and Desktop
  • Hybrid application built using Ionic Framework
  • Certified by Oracle

Business Benefits

  • Efficient Shipping
  • Streamline Supply Chain
  • Reduce manual processing costs, errors, time lag
  • Improve productivity

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Solution Features

Using Propel Apps Mobile Inventory management solution, a business can optimize inventory management in its warehouse. Its personnel can capture data related to key warehousing activities like goods receipt, issue, cycle counts, etc. quickly and easily.

Scan barcodes & automate business processes
Works w/ Oracle EBS & Fusion Cloud
Supports Offline Functionality

Apps Certified by Oracle
Supports Cloud & Non-Cloud Deployment
Hybrid apps built using Ionic Framework

Support For Handheld Mobile Computers

Other than the latest smartphones such as iPhone & Android devices, our apps also support handheld mobile computers. Here is a list based on the Operating system they use.

  • AML Scepter M7800-1701
  • Dolphin CT 40
  • Honeywell Dolphin 75e-2
  • Honeywell CN80/CT50/CK75
  • Honeywell CN75/CN75e
  • Honeywell CN51
  • Motorola M9200
  • Panasonic FZ N1
  • ScanPal EDA70 Enterprise Tablet
  • ScanPal EDA60 Handheld Computer
  • Zebra TC20/TC51/TC55/TC56/TC75/TC8000
  • Zebra MC40
  • Zebra WT 6000
  • Zebra MC3300

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